9 - 26 January 2016

Islas Revillagigedo



Don't miss Warren's Socorro pictures
and Gilda's GoPro clip Aboard Belle Amie


Houston, TX

At the Sprungs


Arrival in Houston on Saturday, January 9 in the afternoon. After a long immigration queue we can hug Gilda and Warren.
Next day visit to San Jacinto Battle Monument and USS Texas battleship.
The very Sunday night a great dinner party in the house with Arthur&Nancy, Bonnie&Mike, Diane&Bart, Mary&Jim. Warren prepares wonderful food and we spend an awesome evening with those lovely people.
Monday is our shopping day in Houston Premium Outlet.
Thanassis joins us and the following day, after a short meditation attempt, we keep shopping out of control. Belts with silver buckle and texan boots are eventually safe in our bags.
At dinner Leonid completes the group and we enjoy Tex-Mex at Pico's.
Wednesday visit to NASA Control Center and dinner at Luigi's new restaurant as ever at high level.

Baja California, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

Belle Amie

San Benedicto - El Canyon
Socorro - Capo Pierce
Socorro - Aquarium
San Benedicto - El Boiler
Roca Partida


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